General Information about Netent Gaming

  • Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

Netent is a global leader in the iGaming business and has been supplying its games for the past 20 years. In 2019, this company recorded more than 58 billion gaming transactions. Netent is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and its shares are listed on the Swedish stock exchange. You can get more information about the company on .

More about Netent and Playtech

Netent strives to provide unmatched value to players. Netent announced it was acquiring Red Tiger Gaming for staying competitive in the iGaming business. All the games from this company have great storylines, themes, and animation. Also, all the games from this company deliver a 95-98% payout to its players. You can read more about this acquisition on .

  • In 2019, Netent turnover grew at 0.6%
  • Playtech have a variety of iGaming solutions to online casinos, online poker games, and online bingo.

While Netent is 26 years old company, Playtech is a junior in origin. It provides iGaming solutions to online casinos, online poker games, and online bingo. This Estonia-based iGaming company acquired Quickspin a few years back. As of April 17, the share price of Playtech stood at 220 GBX. Like Netent, Playtech is launching products all the time.

Netent vs Playtech innovation

Netent is delivering a world-class experience to its players through Netent Live. This product has a superior User Interface and is the only platform where the Blackjack can be played on auto mode. Netent Live can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile devices. Because of this solution, Netent recently has won the Southern European Gaming Awards.

Playtech has also provided quality gaming slots thanks to the type of technology it has been using in making its game. Playtech offers a variety of slots that have excellent graphics and sounds to engage the users. The games can be accessed in any device because the company has used HTML 5 to secure the system.

Playtech vs. Netent Gaming Experience

Playtech gaming experience has been perfect because it has more than 500 unique titled games to be played. The success of the company is attributed to its reputation in the market to provide live gaming slots and a colorful game outlook to satisfy the players. The success of Playtech is attributed to its different slots.

  • Playtech has more than 500 games which are uniquely titled.
  • Netent shares affiliate casinos with other software providers.

Netent offers an ultimate gaming experience to the players. The games have premium graphics, creative sounds, and innovative solutions, such as using virtual reality. Unlike in Playtech, the company has been active in sharing its casinos with other software providers to increase the number of gaming options available to various players in casinos.

Branded Slots in Netent and Playtech

Playtech has partnered with some of the best brands in the world, such as MGM and HBO, to start offering branded games. The partnership has provided a unique gaming experience to the players because they experience HD graphics and virtual reality games. Also, the company has extended its partnership with Marvel to offer engaging slots to its players.

Netent, on the other hand, has partnered with companies such as Universal, Colombia Pictures Industries Inc., and 20th Century Fox to offer an ultimate gaming experience to the players. The company has used the strategy of including the most successful entertainment franchises to set a higher standard in the whole industry as well as attracting more players.

Jackpots in Netent and Playtech

The two providers have a variety of jackpot options for the players. For instance, Playtech has a multi-game jackpot feature that is used to increase the winning potential for the players. It has introduced a strategy of awarding jackpots to the players through a combination of the available options to create a larger pool.

  • Playtech has a multi-game jackpot feature.
  • Netent has a progressive jackpot with more wins as compared to Playtech.

Netent has progressive jackpots offering multi-million wins with massive prize pools. Also, it has a progressive jackpot where all the jackpots from the other games are pooled together to create one mega fortune. Comparing the two providers, Netent has a better gaming experience. However, the choice of the best provider depends on the player's taste.